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The pants and heaves
are carrying the tongue
the sweat the saliva

as the chase continues
with no prize on sight
for the maddened footsteps
hungry for a bite.
They will not care
if you were just trying
to brave on
through the morning lecture.

He still believes
that conferencing and rousing
will convince them
to give him free entrance in.

We may hear the cracks
in the air
as the smell
waters our eyes
to breathe

they come from no direction
yet the air still burns
as it coughs up
a way inside all throats

someone blinks
jacket masking
the liquid cheeks

we run
it´s a good thing
we haven´t seen
any banners
Having your day cancelled because of a riot is NOT fun.
Been a while since my last poem.
Quiet, the Nurse finishes opening the pillcase and hands one to the man in the bed. One slow drink of water later, his voice is audible again, but still weak.

After all, she reminds herself, she is in Non-Human territory. Well, she has to amend, the man was a human once. The Nurse is clearly no homosapien, even is her human-likeness is perfect.If either of them glimpsed her thoughts and preferred to ignore them, or if they really are no telepaths, she does not know.  Does not care, she convinces herself, brushing away her hair, waiting for the old- looking one to keep on speaking.

"-eyond the long 200th Street bridge, as you must already know, Shifter territory begins.  Not just the stereotypical Canidomos you have heard of in these days´ movies and books. There are many shapes, forms, sizes, that will be used to cloud your mind, fool your sight- he closed his eyes briefly, age lines tensing, moving in a frown the P.J shirt rippling briefly with each breath- and if you share your foremothers silly preconceptions of what is Nonhuman- he sighs, a grimace and a headhsake- you will have wasted your time. Your life even-"

In the sparse room, where the Nurse somehow moves around with not a single noise made, there is only a bed: where her temporary host rests, a cane leaning on its bedhead. A nighttable with a plastic glass, half-full, and a lamp casting a low light. Wooden colors on the bed, the shelves and closet doors(all locked with metal locks, she notes). The Nurse remains standing by the door, after tending to the bedridden on-

She snaps nback into attention when the coughs start again.  Eyelashes tense and a grim line in her mouth, the Nurse makes a move, but a hand lift from the patient stops her.

"And there, if you know what to look for, is the Market. Sell anything, buy anything."

Something in his voice makes her focus.  His expression serious, a stark difference to moments ago.

"I have no idea why would you want to go there Missy, but you won´t like what you will find there. You will attract all sorts of  undesired attention, andthe chances of you finding...whatever you want to find-

Something in his voice...changes.

"Whoever you want to find may not even be there anymore. Especially if you want to recover him"

-Can´t move, can´t breathe, how did he-

"Hmph, you humans and your fixations on Shifters and Bloodshaders, yet another quirk I thankfully rid myself of, long ago. Can´t learn that there are Others far more dangerous, more cunning, resourceful,powerful. Oh well, contract was fulfilled and all that, so you may leave now-

-Cold, so cold-he is not-but was-

The Nurse is-the Nurse is-

"And to answer your unasked question: I was thirty when I did it. The Nurse might even show you my grave. Peaceful Gardens Cemetery, if my memory serves me right. You may now retrieve your visage....

-hE Is NoT FrOm AbOvE or BeLoW,He Is NoT aN ExIlE-

Breathe, little girl, breathe and stop thinking about him."

The Nurse is speaking to her. A cold breeze blows by.

A gasp.

"Yes, he is what you where thinking, and yes, I am what you are thinking, as well. However, I would like you to stop dwelling on that line of thought."

Gasp, gasp, breathe,

"Your sight and original appearance will be restored to you shortly. Luckily, your mind wasn{t too damaged. Goodness, what is it with humans and their obsession with delving into things that are not safe for their minds and souls?"

Something warm.Perhaps some coat?. Yes, warm is good. Warm and bright, not a cloudy sky. Cloudy skies are bad.

"You may rest here while you recover. Still, the sooner you leave, the better. After all, a bonded-Other and a human are rarely seen together.And since I will not see you again in this Eternity-"

-Black grows into grays.Blurry, blurry, ah, tingles, tingles-

"I sincerely hope you may find your brother...If he hasn´t become like my bonded one."

-eels like the worst hangover ev-

"Good thing you won´t make your parents´mistakes, oh Miss Initiate."

When she recovers, she is alone in a park bench. A plaza, of some sort, even if she can´t associate its design with any other park or plaza from any city she has seen.

Skyscrapers of white walls all around, and a long bridge looming in the distance. The crumpled sheet in her hand is now an unsalvageable
ball, the alien address lost forever, its purpose served.

Her wits regained, she strolls forward.

Ignoring the boom in her pulse, the numbness  and cold in her sweat.

 "I´ll find you, Nicky. Alive or dead. Human or Ghost or Undead. If I have to get in my knees to beg your forgiveness."

Faster and faster she strolls, already feeling how she is alrwady entering another weird place.The bridge is nearing, closer and closer.

"Since the hag isn´t around to do so. I´ll claim you back, brother"

The sky is cold, thick clouds graying by. The jog speeds up to a run, pulse pounding, blood coursing in each step.

"And perhaps I´ll make sure your partner gets to rest in peace, as thanks, Nurse"

She feels the smile, a true, relaxed, honest smile. For the first time since-

Stone clouds beyond the windowframe
Yet another try at fiction prose.
A one chaptered story.
From the depths
of the cornea
a fog comes into reality

lights and blacks
become gaseous
and details
flee away from
like any sane human
loather of a whip´s pain.
An ecosystem
has become your abode,

who cares if your walls
start photosynthesising
and blooming humus
out of your floor

may the kumbayas
take you to your
new age

as your wallet
makes atmosphereless planets
look alive in comparison
Got tagged by :iconblacksand459: and had to do the Shuffle Challenge.

No Ipad, so I´ll just use my PC media reproducer. Hit Shuffle and list the 10 first songs that appear:

Sin Testigos- Luciano Pereyra
El Sol No Regresa- La 5ta Estación
Para Darte Mi Corazón- Nino Bravo
Money, Money,Money- ABBA
Ring, Ring- ABBA
Andante, Andante- ABBA
Our Last Summer - ABBA
Tuyo Siempre - Andrés Calamaro
Sin Documentos - Los Rodriguez
Libertango- Astor Piazzolla and Yo Yo Ma

Well, haven´t listened to some of those in a while.

I tag whoever reads this and wants to take up this challlenge




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