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Instead of going over
and being a good little gerbil
petted like all of them,
you have decided to wait
under the roof.
No need yet
for the striped ghosts
of your ears´ stitches
to be seen by the planet.
Epidermis tenses
awaiting the future rain,
like those drawn heroes
in the last page´s cliffhanger,
as you gaze into the single cloud
that is the sky now.
a bored housewife
chokes her vacuum cleaner
and an unexistant breeze
sways your curtian.
Clear your visage:
there are hairstrands raining
but it is no matter
to make any President antsy.
Unless you count the Lady of the House,
who sees her hair
above all kings,
beyond all nature,
going out there
as you watch with pity below
the lice she always sees in you-
and in every other scalp she may see.
Nake your hair
Not very convincing, that title.
Any ideas for imporvement?
What shall be your life
but a phone receiver
going constantly deaf
slammed constantly by the quarrells
and the saliva riots
extended from meal to meal?

Won´t even notice
how every floortile´s
scratch has gone cold
like the greyness above
all the cities.

What will happen
when every vein
falls asleep
every sneeze
frozen deep within
your fingernails

every dim room and doorway
joints all lit down
ghosts of maybe rains

you feel them:
like the old bones of a cliché
Laundry has gone
absolutely illegible:

Don´t know if I should hang the threads
 that once were clothes a human being
could use to template its shames

Or hang the bolts and polimers
slidng down the kitchen
the walls
surfing along the water and soap

echo of the machine´s last seconds
the ping that should have been

instead of the explosion.
Please his prosperous belly
her widened waist
their overlooming pride
rubbed in your face
like a teen prank

time to fart
something out of your wallet
some poor unfortunate green
to wither and die
in their abandoned luxury.
Feeling sloppy these days.
Why yes,
we all know
you are now autumning your life
and tailoring yourself
to the customs of biographism

who cares if
your not so well-lived blood-connecteds
Will have to clench their entrails
and their accounts
in order for you and your
belle -since the times before
the television existed in this nation-
as your prosperity
initiates its fapping
amongst the sights
of all those who came
for this-

Would call it anniversary,
I´ll be very busy choking
the plumbing
and readying my wallet
for the inevitable euthanasia.
Showers of money for the prosperous one
On these crappy days, when the rest of your family is not as prosperous as you, who the hell wants to reenact their decades-old wedding?
And worst of all, strongarm their obligated guests to shower them with money, huh, Mr. I´m-Too-Richer-Than-Everyone-Else?
So after a day of post-Christmas housecleaning and the like, I decide to check back on DA,

and hello there Free Premium Membership!

:iconblackbowfin:, you awesome, awesome, uh, you!

COMPADRE!!!!!!! :iconletmehugyouplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrofistplz: :iconcheersplz:




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