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She apparitioned
like an unexpected color in the gallery
nouveau verse
read by the eyes of my bored homecoming

White faced girl
with a weathering makeup,
tending to rain forecast,
owning the whole emptiness
of the sky

I promptly smacked
the mandoggies
out of their pretenses

how dare they
this borning art
with their
As you walk
they fall down from their
green mother
helloing with their
gravitational spirals
Blonde little girls
Windy afternoon, a walk under trees.
Squeeze the maps
until every address
is one single confusion
leaving you to just freeze in the spot.
A Salvador plagiarism
tossing the hours down the drain
along with the expectations
of a day sewn day
with every second woven to your plans.
No time to meet
your summer ideals
of a page so vast
begging to be furnished and attended to
if the frail minded home authority
fears the routine
ransacking her
in her loneliness.
No meeting, no hours
no time, no idea,
no sense nor reason
and neither an ortography
in a pointless
dragging around
in a holiday
not of my own.
Dis(is not an)appointment
Sorry for the awful pun in the title.
Trying to get back in shape after so much time not writing anything.
Greased underskins
brimming with the pride
of eternal omnipotence
and skilled fingers
where the offspring-shaped
twirl around
by the whims and
tantrums of the fanciful authority.

We know how will the curtains roll out
like a film bowing out:

That steam huffing out of the skulls
will not be water:
brains do not scent out
and the bucket
we will carry
on the days long(climates-long)
trek back to home
will still gush on
about the wonders
of boiling lands
where waters slaughter eyecones
and minds shut down
as nothing more than
"what a wonderful change of pace
and scenery"

So will say the litre
of abuse arrogance
and bullying
Futures of molten matrons
So it has been decided: the yearly time for the family to collectively roast their brains (and waste money we don´t have) has been settled!
So I whipped up this shiz  to celebrate the momentous occasion.
While the toilet is just
awaiting for you
to enable its job,
and every neuron has gone liquid

your neighbour
rants about
white bloods
edging through
oh the woes of my bimentality

you just wish
someone would
restore his-her
hair´s truth
to be able to rest your eyes
as the colors of the nurses
change with the hours

Incredulity at the nurse´s
examinations of
your raison d´etre
melting in intravenoses
the blood returns to tiptop

and wishing
the high kid
would just stop being
a teenager cliche
good grief
Philosophy at a hospital ceiling
Not feeling very well atm.
Got tagged by :iconblacksand459: and had to do the Shuffle Challenge.

No Ipad, so I´ll just use my PC media reproducer. Hit Shuffle and list the 10 first songs that appear:

Sin Testigos- Luciano Pereyra
El Sol No Regresa- La 5ta Estación
Para Darte Mi Corazón- Nino Bravo
Money, Money,Money- ABBA
Ring, Ring- ABBA
Andante, Andante- ABBA
Our Last Summer - ABBA
Tuyo Siempre - Andrés Calamaro
Sin Documentos - Los Rodriguez
Libertango- Astor Piazzolla and Yo Yo Ma

Well, haven´t listened to some of those in a while.

I tag whoever reads this and wants to take up this challlenge




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BlackBowfin Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for faving, my friend!  :)
oviedomedina Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Always a pleasure to do it Scott! :D
Serendiipitii Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the support!
oviedomedina Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
No problem! :)
BleedingProphecies Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the favorite! c: 
oviedomedina Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
Always a pleasure to fave your work :)
LancelotPrice Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Yugiohparadox1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
SO, with F/SN: UBW finished at this point, what are your overall thoughts and the series? Any improvements that could have been made?
oviedomedina Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Overall, it was pretty good. But I think some things should have been expanded on: Shirou´s training to refine his projections prior to the final battle with Gilgamesh,  The little detail of the Greater Grail trying to devour said servant, Archer using UBW(while in the VN he just activated it for a sec), or Rin being reduced to a damsel in distress just to ensure Lancer got to rescue her( even if I enjoyed the PUNCHSLAP so much).Oh, and Shirou and EMIYA´s fight taking, what, two three eps?
Apart from that, it was a terrific adaptation.
Here´s to hoping the Heaven´s Feel movies can do as well ( even if it´s not my favorite route)
So what about you? What are your thoughts on UBW?
Yugiohparadox1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Well, I really liked it, especially the epilogue. :) I think the first use of UBW could have been a bit better, but the subsequent use of it in Shirou vs. Archer made up for it. That use does show how much Archer want to be vindicated, for him to be right and Shirou to be wrong, and for him to pour out his hatred and self-loathing at him.

Yeah, Rin needing to be saved was slightly off-putting, but the scenes present with Rin were still quite good to make up for it.

I am not so blind to admit there was a bit of a problem of pacing within this cour, due to a lack of material to work off. But, I can still forgive it, so long as the meaning and beauty of the central conflict remain true, maybe better than before.

Overall, while I can understand others' reservations with this series, the pros were so good that I would be willing to overlook it, and the addition of anime-original content really helped with that. (DAT epilogue :D)
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