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Somewhere in a stall
a man just died.

As I ready the printed ink
to chronicle
meals long gone,
his sobs
sobs of a  locked up
boomed through the tiles

there had been grunts
huffs and pushes

none had thought it was a labor

then the walls screamed
the sinks wept

no button was pushed

paramedics asked for witnesses

while the buzz brownily
haunted the emptied waterclosets

and then everyone
-not me, I had fled long ago-
saw the swarm of spectres:

flies hovering above
the death-stall
chorusing the wail of the guts.

Back in the restaurants,
a mother sang praises
some diet.

I was too busy
trying to unmelt myself.
At age thirty,
and your knees
are rusted metal
unfit machinery for rolling out,

No matter how many sunrising
diets and mystical-montage
workouts you churn-
they make you churn-

At times,
you believe
you are about
to insert a new life
into this giant rockball

can´t work,
can´t go can´t come
can´t study
can´t be the expected human
everyone expects

but heavens why
do your entrails
seem about to explode

you´ve been stuffed with each new season´s
mothers-chooice of diets

as approved by the news´resident doctor
as rejected by the news´resident doctor
as approved as rejected on and on and on

sixty-nine kilos

and a hundred abs
fifty, in all honesty

have the television doctors
lied to you?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
The elderlies
will boast their
tattoed ribs
pierced thighs
impaled wrists.

Odd old people they are

Frantic portable
barking machines
you wish to lift
up to the constellations

Stupid people
who lose both their homekeys
and their serenities

why do they try to create a universe
out of the neverending cycles
of newsflashes and their tragedies

shall be
the best drug and faith
the best response with attitude

And so the housewifes
with nerves of haired portable barks
shall truly get
a worthy New Age

Hate not me for entering my own enlightenment
via fading out the wind aside my brains
not a teenager like your generation fellows
-son, I´ve been gaining foolsihness and wisdom,
long after you renounced
your temporal attitude,
little lass-

History´s finest woman voice
may barge in,
nude as a concert
with no engineer,
and still
the dream,
being a sated unhungering ghost,
would feel so graspingly close

Be an engineer
be a method and a logic and a program
for your art,
past decades said (to me)

wouldn´t understand
go back to your
portable puppet,
that thing you call a son
a daughter
or whatever

At times
I feel I could
make the woman
turning my hollowed skull
into a paradise
a truth palpable
feelable with five cracking
 grasping fingers

But then the barking
drills in
damned voice

and the haven
is scratched out of

like a dying tape

And the volume is brought back
to prosaic.
1. "You ought to know
she has been looking at you
for a while"

The tone has already graded
and failed you.
You have never known the lesson
never been able to attend.

2."They all love
a man
who makes them laugh"

The stupid kid
chooses the worst unjoke

I was that stupid kid
Am I the stupid man

3.  A lone sofa
a lone midnight
a drunk boyfriend and host
she starts to simle
ends up hugging
you- evidently drunk,
numb into the near-paralysis-
sobbing and "he can´t treat me like this"

you do not know what to do

Listen to the same old
same old heavenly
same old traitorous temptresses

you wish some else also sang something like this:
"Take my hand,
walk with me,
looking onwards"
you wish
you could speak better
translate better

You remember
when she used to recite
Lorca like nobody else
when you loved, litterally,
her voice,

and wished she had lived longer
wished you had
taken her up on that offer
to talk about Lorca
and Hernandez

you feel reading Homer
and imagining her voicing it
is not enough of a tribute

And your shame lowers your head


You often wish
she was a sister
your sister,
a teacher to straighten you up,
mend up your stumblings

but you have no time
to lament
she isn´t your childhood´s dreams
of having a sister to look up to.


You wish you could walk alone
wherever and whenever
she could walk to every bank
without crutching you
because the universe is a perched burglar
about to pocket her down.


It is not resignation
to live alone,
you wish you could tell that shrink
it is

you have failed
-just aske the forever angry
Plato teacher-
to ace the tests

because it is always a test
even beyond education


The bottles, eloquent ladies they are,
make a philosopher out of you.

Freeze up:
she has become frisky
and bubbles run up and down
your skeleton

hmm, now should be the time
to insert the smooth script
that leads to her swoons
-or is it smiles?-

The Mother is all dissapointments:
Always your spine your spine, your spine.


"A lady: touch her not
even with the petal of a rose"

Still the tough love exists,
little boy,
whenever Mom
whips out her rule(r)
on your back.


Should I churn out
a cheesy Neruda verse
just for the occassion?


Keep your head out of the books
get some air into those unwashed
-she says to you-
ears, that unkempt hair
you shame

She does not say anything
about the possibilty
of a woman who would love
to plunge into a book
alongside you.


He has polished the dancefloor
so no maid will have to clean it
the partyafter

they laugh as they glide
played like the music ensemble
in his hands

You tried
but didn´t, never,
learn how to perfom those same
high noted smiles

and so you go back to crooning
at your depression
and the duets of shots.


She is ashamed of your future:
everybody will go to Europe
Mars, Shangri-La
extend their family trees

while this branch will wither

she assumes you are into men
animals, lamp posts,
paint on walls.


You are more fucking lost
than a potato!
A parade, a raging teacher.

At the time, he knew jackshit about
much less about being found or lost
or knowing what will be will become
of his life.
Man of femmes
So this was written and halfarsed up.
Several moments, several people?, no fricking idea what happened here.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Amidst flowers,
gardenias, wellwishers,
and every other name
escaping your fleshcolored thumb,
haste everything!
in settling the littlest,
little patient.

The ill?
Who knows!
Matrons, sob
and wail,
lament the cruel
harsh fate
the hard, hard life
of the littlest patient
forever damned
since birth
(up to his eighteenth birthday)
to live such a cruel cruel life.

A grown beddridden?
Get the fuck out of that bed,
you shameless waste of life
and man up, harden that chin

a lifetime limp, nerves
shattering the gait like predatorial glass
every step of life
every snailing of their voided life?
What a pansy!

Every adult must toughen up,
the indignant matrons will say,
get their asses out there
-yes, even dragging
 their uneven, cracked spines,
their dead-yet-not masses
hosting their limps-
get a life

only a little boy
poor little boy at seventeen
with a nasty joke in his genes
may be cuddled in the kisses and hugs of flowers,
forever pure nurses

Everyone else?

Drag their worldwasting carcasses
and tighten
their teeth-strings,
the unconsiderate,
selfabsorbed oafs.


Got tagged by :iconblacksand459: and had to do the Shuffle Challenge.

No Ipad, so I´ll just use my PC media reproducer. Hit Shuffle and list the 10 first songs that appear:

Sin Testigos- Luciano Pereyra
El Sol No Regresa- La 5ta Estación
Para Darte Mi Corazón- Nino Bravo
Money, Money,Money- ABBA
Ring, Ring- ABBA
Andante, Andante- ABBA
Our Last Summer - ABBA
Tuyo Siempre - Andrés Calamaro
Sin Documentos - Los Rodriguez
Libertango- Astor Piazzolla and Yo Yo Ma

Well, haven´t listened to some of those in a while.

I tag whoever reads this and wants to take up this challlenge




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