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Fear wears your stubble
your languid makeup
shaking your skin
like one fleeing the rain of mud
as the city pours in
and your nerves can´t even a nod

nothing happens
nothing is as planned
wrong where?

instead of heartbrakes
bury the foot
on the wallet crahing
-can´t type
can´t decide
can´t do-

esnails choking
as the eyes scoop up the daily

and slip slip slip
goes down your peace
much like the calendar
made or fog or smoke
or any vague particle
that makes scietinsts frown.

What is a manual of time
good for
if nothing
Datelines will deadline you
Bad wordplay, bad puns, not feeling very zero-kills atm.
Calendaries may gift
hidden marks on the scalps

but that does not mean
you have earned your age
nor learnt how to live it
There is nothing here,

and still
the windmills
the marbles of the silent grass

the twigs are exorcised

and the day is capped

by eviscerating the latest mall.

"Watch the sun",
they nag at your arm turned umbrella
-or is it umbrella turned cramped arm?-

while all the bottles
are emptied
below the anniversaries´ sun.
Nothing to shake off the holidays
like being strangled
between the bank´s doors
-five minutes to close-
after crushing your lungs
in the galloping madness
to clear January´s deadlines.
blessed man
who came from
the nearest galactic arm
is not healing you?

Guess it´s time to sell
your blackened matter
-never gray again-
to the nearest microphone
Trending altars
Aaaaaand here we go again.....
(Yes, I know this shoulda´ve been done yesterday, but I was a wee bit busy then)

1.How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Three years, more or less.

2.What does your username mean?

It is a reference to a parlament from Lope de Vega´s play "El Caballero de Olmedo"(Olmedo´s knight) that goes like this:
"La Gala de Medina/La Flor de Olmedo" (Medina´s luxury/Olmedo´s flower).Originally it was going to be Olmedomedina, but I decided to change it for euphony to Oviedo(another Spanish city) and Medina. Ergo, oviedomedina.

3.Describe yourself in three words.

Too little space (for a propoer description) :iconmingplz:

4.Are you left or right handed?

Left handed

5.What was your first deviation?

"Behold your world".Behold your world by oviedomedina

6.What is your favorite type of art to create?
Literature: Poetry or stories, even if there is a disturbing lack of the latter in my gallery.

7.If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Digital illustration. Becase some works I´ve seen in the internet(not only DA) are Would love to be as skilled as the people who made those. But I´d settle with mastering "draw shit that is more complex than a stick figure" :lmao:

8.What was your first favorite?

Desolate study by fainin By :iconfainin:

9.What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

Poetry, and literature. If I find some REALLY good, creative, funny fanart, I also tend to fave those.

10.Whos is your all-time favorite DeviantArtist?

Too many to list here.

11.If you could meet anyone in DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

See No. 10

12.How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

By reading the crap I upload here, commenting and encouraging me to be a wee bit less worse, I guess .

13.What are your preferred tools to create art?

A pen, a notebook, and my laptop, duh.

14.What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Any place quiet and with good music.

15.What is your favorite Deviantart memory?

The very first time I got commented on/faved



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