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A quote, a quote
The day I die,
you morons don´t write
shit like
Fly high, oh great soul.
This is what I call
life, even dog´s life haha
And now you have seen the face
with the same same quote
from the cool girls who didn´t even touch
one of his books back in highschool,
now all want to
fly, oh great master.

Eulogy in 150
In the same day Gunther Grass and Eduardo Galeano died.
Facebook was predictable.
Day 17  of :iconnapowrimo:
Turn around, turn around,
There´s nothing to do here
except to gaze at all the amounts

than stand, just stand and peer
into the piles of barricades.
Bored unoccupied clerks and students wishing for a beer

and some street bought empanadas: having said
that, others went smart and shoesoled
out of here long before the naufrage of the day.

Nothin more to say, you know,
say the hesitants to leave,
nine o clock and the april flus come

and the perfect excuse
to flee the purposeless scene
no more moments of brain to muse

losing more hours of the day? None is keen
on wasting more hours, it seems:
away, away to a office
we go, time to thaw the reminaning day moments
Cold schedules
Day 16 of :iconnapowrimo: A terzanelle.
Once again,
the reins are slightly tense, reviewally,
to ensure the mad horse in the page,
does not fall out of your control,

time to tinker on the weak talon,
fog the lantern,
cloak the ambient
like the late night city
of a Gothic fantasy.

-Darn it, Calliope,
we we just hurled the red giant´s light
into the page,
Tezcatlipoca/Smoking mirror
Day 15 of :iconnapowrimo: Write a poem that adresses itself or some aspect of itself.
Tried to adress the criticism I´ve encountered on my Poetry Workshop class about my inability to make my works less....blunt and upfront? *shrug*
-So they want me to have a dream?
Eh, it´s not like I have time to cry
and paint my bones in tattoo
and scandalize the grandparents
those last millenium punks

charge them with second handed murder
charge the dream with a first degree one.
Under the fading gaslight of dreams
:iconnapowrimo: Day 14, write a dialogue poem.
Meh, I´ll see if tomorrow I can do better than today.
They will speak,
they will paint it with paradisiacal words,
set your compass, but still will
give you the choice of steer,

and you shall fly in chase,
it´s voice it´s allure,
great reward
after your toils and sweat,

worthy payment for your eliseus
they will say

conveniently hiding
the steel trap
bullet that will
emerge from your brain
blooming thanks
to buzzed whispers
at the last dawn of the road
when the gold poofs away
and the oils are worth void.
Germinate a headmonster
Day 13 of :iconnapowrimo: Write a riddle poem.
Got tagged by :iconblacksand459: and had to do the Shuffle Challenge.

No Ipad, so I´ll just use my PC media reproducer. Hit Shuffle and list the 10 first songs that appear:

Sin Testigos- Luciano Pereyra
El Sol No Regresa- La 5ta Estación
Para Darte Mi Corazón- Nino Bravo
Money, Money,Money- ABBA
Ring, Ring- ABBA
Andante, Andante- ABBA
Our Last Summer - ABBA
Tuyo Siempre - Andrés Calamaro
Sin Documentos - Los Rodriguez
Libertango- Astor Piazzolla and Yo Yo Ma

Well, haven´t listened to some of those in a while.

I tag whoever reads this and wants to take up this challlenge




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