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Break a leg, limp a lie
she´ll drag on  her hairthreads,
but she´ll walk even
on her fading hands.
Better yet,
fall unseen, stumble and step frontside
no saying to judge, no upstanding one to cane her spit-trash
hags will break cane, other´s words will break stride,
your lie is needed, your masquerade will savior ye
allone does it, everyman says it,
save your face, save your hide,
everyone does it,
even the selfwised matroness
the selfblessed agustus´d gent who preaches loud and high
so paint your hop, roll your folk
tell your adage,
because it´s not the liar who will stumble and fall
before the limp´s cane and legs go twin the floor
because you have been taught by the best
and studied you have and an aced one will will be your presented face.
Break a leg, limp a lie
A Spanish aying that goes: "The liar will fall before the lame" (Primero cae un mentiroso que un cojo")
And there went the idea to criticise the moral doublespeak of some.
Watch that figure

(I bought that loaf of bread,
-a dead nature portrait-

A bread is a bread not the next best
fried up metaphor
maddeningly oiled up and greased inside that fringe
you call a brain)

I watched my food for the ending day hours
last call from that damned dog
below the ribs
time to shut up that short nuzzle of his

Watch that figure she says
six truckwheels of fat
jellyfishing around everywhere

Do this do that
she says

-after decades,
still can´t use a cellphone
still baffled by those computers
needing a tower-

Still blackmails
about bleeding out every green
from your fingertips

why, she´s she man of the house

and if the man of the house can´t
turn on a computer
or change her brand new phone

then she can calmly
eat your loaf

because she bought it

but does not how to turn on a computer.
Neurons blurring
speeches static on the saliva
every vocabulary
graying and hollowing
brain fusing out
agonizing lightbulb
every notebook that is and was
smoking out into the notness.
The walls are flooded
with years of vanity
to tease the eyes of the inexistent
the soirees of the unacquiantances
you wanted to woo
with the not English tea
(no, your relative who traveled
last week to Mars
did not bring any tea
nor regal you with wonderful stories
of an unexistant country under red skies)
which is just watermint
inside old boxes
as a gift from the succesful nephews
and nieces
who have escaped this geography of misery
and streetroaming the empty streets the traffic clogged streets.
The walls are wide
but you wouldn´t know that
since one feels like staring at Nana´s appartment
and the pungent overluxuriousness
lunging at you
as a baroque punch straight to your eyelids.
The walls are drowning you
and still you have no money of your own-
why, she needs to buy some bread, some milk,
a brand new trinket-
yet she still made you pay
for the midday takeout
while she´ll go this afternoon
and have tea and chat
with the recently arrived
-Oh,Dear, from Russia?!-
gossip darlingest friends.
And so she had to throw her pleas
in everyone´s face,
and then she goes home
puffed up
-wallet full,

Nw she wants to
in a larger than
twenty-thousand-bills dinner
(Even if there is still uneaten food
even if said food has been there,
in the fridge
since two weeks ago)

Even if the hanging bills
constantly make my eyebrows tingle
as she babbles on about eating a fancy salad
because eating leftovers
isn´t good for your health

and neither is a new month
resigning yourself
to not leaving the house
because you don´t want the city to darken
in your stench.

But no,
it is all
about a fancy meal
and then
go back to a dark dry household

and then back to
pleading again
the next month
for another fancy dinner
in a dry, dark apartment.



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