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The little girl is
floating around
The old dead young woman
is floating around

and the bride of yesteryears
cannot even stand
for the waltz
-why the hell you want
her to waltz DJ?-

Whispers, whispers
-hours prior-
who came?

the latecomer
is a souless atheist
godless heathen

says the woman
who cannot
discuss a moral

still smiles at said
godless why-a-relative

do you watch
your family
quiet dead young lady?

your sister
a wrecked
after five decades
of resignation

a drifting nephew

searching for a sister
that has never existed
still wanting her still searching

in a cluster of foreigners?

it has been decades
Aunt Lucille

and he will never meet you
none of the cosuins so old
none of the cousin´s children
too young, too young

and his eyes
still inwarded thanks to a gulp of champaign

declaring the glass
his temporary sister

has not seen you
as you watch sad Elsa
poor Elsa
wrecked old poofing out Elsa

who just sludeged on
another year of marriage:
she is too old
old and forgetting
tooo much forgetting
too much weakness in her knees

his cousins too old
his following generation too young
too young

did you play with your sisters,
your brothers
swinging madly off that hammock
shrugging off the bumps
-to be young-

to be too not-old
when you poof out

and now become the Eternal Unknown Aunt

who cannot speak
-like your older brother
too mindfaded to chuckle at
the latest joke
from the strepitous niece
(her father died last year
wonder if you´ve seen him)

like your nephew

still wishing for a brother
a sister who will never be

a fading future
-whatever happened to your fiancé
Miss Lucile?-
a spinsterman
like a spinster is,
Elsa eldest
-they proudly huff and wave her bitterness
because all she needed was a man-

do you see, Miss Lucille?

at thirty
he has arrived nowhere
tensing his answers
"so, about that girlfriend?"
"so, about that job?"
All the proud ones
went to Europe
went to lost countries

after the elevator
your head didn´t went anywhere else
-sorry Miss Lucille,
have some cake
I´d give you
a napkin
but the spitoon of the gossipers
you called your sister
and your lawed sisters
has rendered everything

Unknown Aunt:
your Unmet Nephew
is on
Open Champaigne Soiree
as your sister withers away
vows she does not understand anymore

All he understands
are songs he can not hear anymore

He does not know your name

you can not applaud
at the husk that is your sister

still, the cake is to die for,
the madly laughing cousin
(whose father died a year ago)
continuously roars
in her one man show.

Hmmm, chocolate.
Anniversary as customary
Twenty years ain´t nothing, goes the Gardel Song.
Fifty Years are something to make a farce out of.
And I discover I become a somber-type drunk after a couple o´drinks.
Here´s a unlaughable joke:

All those years preening the pen
the endless gigabytes of typings

and now the enervating cripplity
of restraning the keyboard
to less than a millen
just a quintet of hundred
key pushings

Oh the proffesoral challenge
Oh the dive for the ego
and the smash against the reality.
Hundreds of digits
So instead of doing said homework for my class, I asspull this.
The hell brain?
Go out, umbrellas with their arms open wide. Lazy fishes, clouds walk on the upper sea, blocking the sun. The dark nuns above us hover, stretching their arms, fearing the world will become a mass-scaled Atlantis. Will the rains come down roaringly?

We have no idea. Still, if we looked down to the floor, the roads and boardwalks, we would see the trails of discarded brassiers, abandoned trousers, tossed unders.

The streets are full of dark trails. Pavements painted of dark water, footsprints of sweat, ghosts of odors and perfumes and colognes of all prices, all qualities, rising up to the fire.

Look, but carefully: Did she just snap her shoulder, just to discard the odorous strap? That one, did he ensure those socks went missing, those shoes became forever lost?

Not to everyone´s noses. Unfortunate.

Unfortunate, too, are the climates hidden beneath the clothes. No need to forecast: floods of people futilely empty every store, vainly stashing new soaps, new odors, new flesh, new appearances.

And the sky, with clouds and sun, still lazes around, calm like the perfect pool. Still relentless, throwing our weathers out of control.
Inner rains
A pity DA has no "prose poetry" subcategory.
Eh, I´ll have to settle for this one.
(Yup, still attempting to do the whole "prose poetry" thing
Still not convinced)
Edit: Fixed a missed letter on the last line! Thanks :iconaegiandyad:
Ready yourself
for a tomorrow of hauling
-for you will be nothing more
than teethed wheels and wires

she will coolly keep her hands on the controls

so hope for no last minute blackfuses
or cableburnings

life´s drone.
And to think
out of four invisible walls

Folks have managed
to weary down our reading eyes

with floods of thesis.
Got tagged by :iconblacksand459: and had to do the Shuffle Challenge.

No Ipad, so I´ll just use my PC media reproducer. Hit Shuffle and list the 10 first songs that appear:

Sin Testigos- Luciano Pereyra
El Sol No Regresa- La 5ta Estación
Para Darte Mi Corazón- Nino Bravo
Money, Money,Money- ABBA
Ring, Ring- ABBA
Andante, Andante- ABBA
Our Last Summer - ABBA
Tuyo Siempre - Andrés Calamaro
Sin Documentos - Los Rodriguez
Libertango- Astor Piazzolla and Yo Yo Ma

Well, haven´t listened to some of those in a while.

I tag whoever reads this and wants to take up this challlenge




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